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BT-IOT Bluetooth Internet of things module
PN: BT-IOT   Bluetooth Internet of things module Type: Transmission channel
Core chip reference: Brand \ EJVR0Q2ENRZ8GJW5$}6MWQ1W]Y@A4{RPX}0$HDPVG20(2H
P/N \
Support   agreement: BT4.0
Support RF: Working frequency : 2.4GHz(ISM spectrum),≤10M
Radio frequency modulation GFSK
Module support interface: UART
Modules can extend the interface: ISO7816、IIC、SPI、USB etc
Drive: No Drive Opening API
Microprocessor development The main control SOC has strong performance and can extend many functions such as non-contact and contact card reading
Safe: 1. Encrypted transmission based on key key
2. The negotiation and certification process shall eliminate third-party device interception
Function: 1. Set up bluetooth transmission channel for iot devices
2. Reduced the hardware design and debugging of the development of bluetooth equipment
3. Convenient and fast bluetooth debugging tool
4. Establish a good low-cost and low-power communication link with mobile phones
5. All kinds of sensors can be combined to realize various detection and functional combination
6. Bluetooth positioning radio base station
7. Low power consumption and low cost
Module application: 1. Mobile phone bluetooth remote control toy
2. Intelligent heating clothing temperature control and monitoring
3. Smart toilet seat remote control
4. Sitting posture orthosis
5. Smart bracelet watch
6. Various kinds of lockers
7. Bluetooth positioning radio base station
8. WeChat, shake base station
9. Bluetooth project development core DEMO board, etc
Product form: Independent product form Core chip IDH module form, SMT mounting mode, module reserved with welding disc
Insert   terminal equipment Graphene heating clothing,intelligent remote control toys, bluetooth bulb lamp, bluetooth bracelet, bluetooth key mouse, bluetooth card reader, etc
Common application cases: 1. Graphene clothing intelligent temperature control management system
2. Bluetooth LED color changing light band
3. Bluetooth mini car control
4. Gym locker management system
5. WeChat "people nearby" shake base station
Product problems: Program planning and product design Scheme planning: it can be replaced by the chip scheme of sjai electronic partner;
Product design: shijia electronics provides IDH module ODM support with obvious cost performance, low cost and stable product
The closed loop application At present, mobile phones are basically connected to peripherals via bluetooth and WIFI.After intelligent AI speakers such as Tmall wizard successively open the bluetooth interface function, the bluetooth access equipment will increase dramatically and the market will be huge.
Based on the bluetooth closed-loop applications will continue to increase, root terminal functions and structures can be customized development.Our company can help to plan the overall framework scheme according to the specific scenes of customers, assist to deal with multiple problems in the process of product realization, act as customer technical support, and provide the fastest and most valuable software and hardware solutions.
Product manufacturing Bluetooth rf performance stability, android APP compatibility and low power consumption optimization.