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PCB, PCBA manufacturing and IC package manufacturing are based on the research of basic materials and manufacturing process, belonging to the category of electronic components and components. The conventional circuit board manufacturing Shenbei  circuits  early development, the joint  Shenzhen Sunshine  Good  electronic  Co., LTD., flexible circuit board manufacturing center, R&dD center, effective breakthrough evaluation certification service center rigid circuit boards, flexible circuit board, and rigid-flex circuit boards and other products of special process technology, microelectronics technology, hardware, electronic technology research and development. At the same time, the original manufacturing and management system is being upgraded gradually, and the intelligent production management system is just around the corner.

Warmly celebrate the new era of Shenbei circuit PCB circuit board ODM mode development and industry 4.0 manufacturing reform. Welcome to inquire!


Shenbei circuit was founded in 2002, and moved to Suining,  Sichuan province in 2010, a national high-tech enterprise, highly valued by provincial and municipal leaders, as a key image project enterprise of Suining municipal government. Shenzhen north circuit has more than 10 years of technical expertise and operation management personnel, the company introduced high-precision, automated production line equipment, workshop area over 20,000 square meters, capable of producing 700,000 square feet of 2-32 layers of PCB, more than 5,000 PCB varieties per month.


The operation modes such as PCB design, RPCB/RPCBA manufacturing, core process R&D laboratory, multi-mode marketing system, and external investment integration operation promote the collectivization development of Shenbei Circuits. The company's standardized management mode has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO16949 and other system certification, and its products have passed UL safety and ROHS environmental protection certification, striving to explore the international highest manufacturing standards.


In 2012, Shenzhen Shenbei circuit co., ltd. was registered in Hong Kong. A PCB evaluation service center and R&D center were established in Shenzhen to provide overseas customers with PCB PCB&PCBA design, production, evaluation and sales services. Shenbei Circuit has won high recognition from customers in mainland China, Thailand, America, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Finland and France by virtue of its rich experience, exquisite technology, first-class quality and timely production and delivery.


Shenbei Circuit (Sichuan Suining) R&D center with laser, VCP electroplating line of laser, plasma decontamination, transfer of parallel light graphics, vacuum oil, all kinds of special coating, AOI defect four line low resistance flying probe testing, functional testing for equipment foundation to explore blind hole, buried holes, multi-layer HDI, accused of deep blind gong, single surface process, characteristic impedance, and soft in combination with a variety of special processing technology such as circuit board products. Joint  test with Sunshine Good electronic materials/components analysis BT resin solution platform, high TG, Teflon, ceramics and other special functions of high polymer material (high strength, high temperature resistant, high frequency, etc.), the effective development of high frequency signal board, power board, IC load board, components/materials 

Shenbei circuit  (Shenzhen) research and development center joint  Sunshine Good electronic hardware electronic technology research and development center, testing certification service center to explore the LCR device, circuit board of simulation function circuit module, effective development of NFC antenna plate, wireless charging electromagnetic induction coil plate, transformer circuit board device, bluetooth antenna device, anti-jamming EMI board, anti-static ESD board, MESH safety board and other products.


Based on the development of special process technology, microelectronics technology and hardware electronic technology products, shenbei circuit actively explores efficient and controllable production and manufacturing system for the timely delivery of diversified samples with special technical requirements, medium and small batches and large quantities. Shenbei circuit has formulated a strategic plan to comprehensively transform the production environment and manufacturing equipment, and the reform of information management, intelligent equipment, Internet of things, data statistics, system platform and multi-functional robot hand has been started step by step. To provide customers with better quality and faster featured products and services. Welcome to call letter consultation!.